When a company needs a product, project or part of it to be developed in a short term with a good quality and at low costs, it would be a good idea to get a bid from us on what the overall project will cost supplied by our company.

This kind of service has the following advantages:

There is no need to involve the company into a long-term partnership, the agreement regarding the price is decided at the beginning, and later it is not subject to changes anymore. We charge by "milestones" that are agreed upon before any work starts: after a milestone is finished and the client is satisfied with the quality and timeliness, we send an invoice. The experience of the recent years has shown that the customers wish to continue further work with us. This proves our professionalism. We work with different types of clients, and for each of them we deliver the most suitable services. For non-IT-related companies, except for the development, we provide qualified support and offer them all the necessary consulting to build modern and optimal applications. For software development companies that require outsourcing as a part of development of their own product or project, we deliver all the strength of our abilities and experience that introduces new look and know-how into the company's business.

For Software Development Companies that require some work on Projects or Products that is for the company's internal needs, we offer all our experience in this area that we collected and implemented in our internal products during the years we have evolved. This also helps us to work with the fullest efficiency to fulfill your requirements. Because of the Outsourcing Revolution, the amount of New Internet Companies getting funding for good ideas has been growing up incredibly during the past few years. The first step after the company got investment is to create a development team. That's why the following points are obviously very important:

Time is critical

It should be done very fast, and time plays a very important role because the competition is really big. A few months late - and similar solutions will appear in the market.


Because the investments aren't always as big as necessary, the company may need to find a way to reduce the development costs for some parts of the product. Outsourcing is in fact the best solution for each of these points.